How do I use the SUPHERB Cartridge with battery?


You can follow the directions below:
a. Remove rubber caps.
b. Twist SUPHERB cartridge to SUPHERB battery.
c. Adjust the airflow.
d. Enjoy responsible.

How do I adjust the SUPHERB airflow?


The SUPHERB adjustable airflow allows you to adjust the amount of air vs. smoke you’re inhaling. In other words, the bigger your lung capacity is, the bigger your set your airflow. Take 5-7 second hits for best results at your preferred setting.
The official recommendation from SUPHERB is to begin your set up at the 25% opened positions. Then increase to 50% and so on, based on your preference.

Why there is a big bubble/empty part in my SUPHERB cartridge?


The bubble is normal. The SUPHERB cartridge has a much bigger coil to create clouds, the coil tends to absorb much more THC than other cartridges. That’s why the bubble is present and we can assure you that it’s a FULL gram and NEVER UESD.

How do I unclog my SUPHERB cartridge?


Please follow the unclog 4 steps:
a. Keep the airflow 100% CLOSED.
b. Connect the SUPHERB cartridge to the SUPHERB battery.
c. Blow from the USB port (yes, USB port).
d. See smoke come out the mouth tip to resolve clogging issues.

Does SUPHERB battery work with other 510 cartridges?


YES. SUPHERB battery works well with all the other 510 cannabis cartridges.

Does SUPHERB cartridges work with other 510 batteries?


No, while most 510 thread carts will fit, we cannot guarantee the performance of official SUPERB 1 Gram cartridges.